Spice Up Your Life

Here at Mivesi we’re big on spices.

In fact, we’d even go as far as to say we’re passionate about them.

Not only do they provide massive amounts of mouth-watering flavours and fabulous colours to our authentic Bangladeshi food, but they also have some surprising health benefits.

For instance, did you know that one of the active ingredients in chilli’s – capsaicin – may help us live longer? In 2019 an Italian study found that people who ate food seasoned with chilli peppers, four times a week had a lower risk of death compared to those who never ate chillies (Source: BBC Future) And if that isn’t enough to have you running to our food stall, according to nutritionist Jo Lewin, curcumin – which is the yellow pigment found in turmeric – acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to regulate blood pressure, blood clotting and lower the risk of heart disease (Source: BBC Good Food).  

These are just some of the ways these super-spices are helping to shake things up. They do more than just provide pleasure on a plate. They boast a ton of additional benefits for our bodies too.

In fact, they’re pretty darn amazing – which explains why we’ve been eating them for millennia. After all, humankind has been sprinkling pepper on our chips since chips were invented. And adding chilli to…well, just about everything really. But spices mean more to the Mivesi team than just a dash of turmeric or a sprinkling of cumin. The right blend of spices are part of our heritage, which is what gives our food it’s authentic flavours. Growing up, we ate all the staple dishes of a typical Bangladeshi home – from samosa’s, to chicken tikka jalfrezi, to onion bhajis. And whilst the correct blend of spices is certain to give a dish that all important taste-explosion – something our parents knew all too well – it was also served with passion, and with love.

You too can experience that passion, by enjoying our delicious menu at our mobile food stall, or by purchasing one of our artisan spice blends directly from our website to enjoy at home. All of our products are made in-house, using real recipes passed down the generations, with ingredients sourced from reputable local suppliers. We also have a strong environmental ethos so if we’re out and about, you’ll see us using biodegradable packaging, as well as wooden forks, to help reduce our carbon footprint. We developed our spice range because we’re confident that with our step by step recipe books and instructions, you can create the same amazing plate full of flavours at home.

But most of all we’re proud – proud of who we are, our culture and values, and what we can offer our customers – great tasting food, with love, passion and authenticity blended in. And that’s the Mivesi promise.

Spice Up Your Life

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