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Hi, we are Amina and Rahim (Roy) and together we are the founders of Mivesi. Mivesi Started as an Indian restaurant in the beautiful Market town of Alnwick in Northumberland. After running the restaurant successfully for 6 years, we now cater at events up and down the country with a mission to provide wholesome satisfying meals served with love to festival goers, bringing restaurant quality food on a street food stall.

We have worked with some established festivals such as Leeds Festival, Boomtown, Kendal Calling and catered at the Cricket World Cup 2019. Our motto is do it authentically or don’t do it at all, all our products are made in house right down to the sauces, our food is ‘Artisan’ at it’s most direct form.

Amina & Roy

We currently hold a 4* hygiene rating and are members of NCASS. All our staff hold a level 2 food hygiene safety certificate and with Amina holding a level 3 food hygiene safety certificate.

Rahim has won the Asian chef award in 2019, organised by the Chef reality tv show, sponsored by NECTA, Kingfisher and Rollergrill. We are also the winners of Argie Bargie Curry Battle 2018 and 2019 hosted by Wylam Brewery Newcastle.

In 2018 we were featured in the BBC Inside Out Programme highlighting the importance and measures we had in place for the various allergens the public may have and in particular nut allergy. We take pride in our processes, and source our ingredients from reputable suppliers locally. We also use biodegradable packaging and wooden forks to protect the environment. We are so proud of our cooking methods, that we are confident others can develop the same authentic taste at home.

We have created our own spice blends, with step by step recipe books and cooking methods. Feel free to browse the shop here, to discover some authentic recipes to tantalize your taste buds.

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Looking after the environment is one of our core values, we do this by using biodegradable packaging and reducing carbon footprint. Our policy is to constantly find ways in which we can improve our environmental credentials. We cook with LPG which has a smaller carbon footprint than electricity, we repair our equipment rather than throw away to reduce the carbon emissions. We have a social responsibility by being efficient in calculating our ingredients to avoid high food wastage in a time where food wastage is prevalent.


Working at Mivesi, we believe in hard work, a ‘can do’ attitude and serving with a smile! But we also believe in having fun, drive and passion and we do this by giving our employees an opportunity to new experiences and reminding them that every day is a different day whether that be enjoying the rays of sunshine whilst serving tasty dishes at sold out festivals or creating wonderful spice hampers during the Christmas periods. All our employees are given effective training and support to be able to work under pressure whilst staying inline with our values. Here at Mivesi we believe in respect towards one another as well as teamwork.


We stay authentic because we believe in our product and serve with pride. To us it is not just about building a company, it is about others to share our passion and to experience this, so they can take part in our creation and enjoy our dishes with pride too. Being authentic to us means staying in line with our values by using resources and materials founded in our culture, staying true and on topic to what we know and embracing Bangladeshi values. Using real recipes passed from generations and incorporating that in our company.


Amina Begum


Rahim "Roy" Begum



Head Chef


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